We are a tech Group
of Augmented Analytics & Machine Learning

At Datrix we apply AI to business to add value and measurability. Companies choose us to increase their ability to understand data and activate it. In particular, the tech companies of our Group develop proprietary and scalable Augmented Analytics and Machine Learning softwares and services. We have 4 business areas: AI for Marketing & Sales, AI for FinTech, AI for Data Monetization and Machine Learning Model Serving.

Our AI solutions are sustainable because

  • we do not intend Artificial Intelligence with a replacement role, but as an accelerator of human intelligence (AI as Augmented or Actionable Intelligence). Our AI solutions are technological innovations that enhance human capabilities and experiences, improve and simplify decision making, actions, business results, sustainable economic growth (Digital Humanism),
  • they amplify efficiency, speed, resilience, revenues and savings for companies of all sizes,
  • they are all compliant with the EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR),
  • they aim to create a circular and inclusive data economy that also rewards those who consent to the use of their information,
  • data, processes and value are transparent to all stakeholders (no “black boxes”),
  • we use sustainable, agile, flexible and scalable infrastructure such as cloud to optimize resources and reduce waste,
  • we aim to reach and ensure that our client companies achieve SDGs Goals promoted by United Nations.

The market recognizes us as distinctive

  • methodological approach and execution times,
  • capacity to master innovative and modular technologies,
  • deep understanding of data monetization models and techniques,
  • high quality partners and top management,
  • digital experience in various industries,
  • innovative attitude through the Alternative Data,
  • expertise to identify and select the so-called weak signals,
  • output scalability.

La storia del nostro sviluppo tecnologico

We come from Google, Finance, Web Analytics, Horizon 2020 projects, 3rdPlace‘s customer intelligence experience with big companies, ByTek‘s martech solutions, digital transformation of publishing of PaperLit and Finscience‘s fintech innovation in the investment intelligence.

Group tech companies

3rdPlace, FinScience, PaperLit, ByTek

Datrix is not just the plain sum of the controlled companies. It’s the appropriate and necessary step to provide B2B clients with solutions, services and skills in an integrated way

– Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, co-founder of Datrix

Datrix will operate as an operating holding and consolidate the experience and the professional background of a group of pioneers in the data analysis and aims at maximizing the synergies between user & customer data and Alternative Data spaces.

Established experience matured from Google, Finance, Digital, Analytics and Alternative Data.

Key People


Fabrizio Milano d'Aragona

Former Top Manager at Google Italia where he took part in the start-up and the success of the Italian branch. Responsible for the team growth and the development of commercial relationships, he became in charge of the Retail, Fashion and Local sectors. Passionate about new technologies and big devourer of political and economic essays, Fabrizio loves to spend his free time with his (for him always) small Luca and Simone. He adores all different shades of blue, in particular, the F.C. Napoli blue…

Chief Operating Officer

Mauro Arte

Master in Business Administration at Rome’s LUISS Guido Carli. More than 20 years of digital experience – first at Ernst & Young, then at Excite Europe where he held the position of Sales & Marketing Director and eventually at Google Italia where, apart from being responsible for the commercial development of the Media & Entertainment sector, he held a leadership position at YouTube. Mauro is married with two children to whom he dedicates his (unfortunately) little time, along with his great passion for the black and white colours of Juventus FC.

Claudio Zamboni | Datrix
Chief Revenue Officer

Claudio Zamboni

Worked at Google Italy as Head of the Education, Entertainment and Telecomms sectors, contributing to their vertical growth. Holds previous marketing (Tim.it) and sales (virgilio.it) experience as well as numerous collaborations as a propagator of technology and digital media. Between one bit and another, he dedicates himself to the family and dreams of soon going back to his diving and adventure travels.

Chief Product Officer

Pierluigi Vacca

After a 3-year experience with Google USA as a Search Quality Evaluator (analysis of website research and positioning to improve the Google algorithm) participates at the Google Italia start-up as responsible for key Italian and international accounts. Fond of any sound of music (silence included), collector of vinyl, obsessive film and TV series fan, in love with anything in the south of Italy.

Chief Marketing Officer

Marco Belmondo

Born in 1969 with origins in Ivrea. Worked in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome and London. Debut in advertising (Saatchi & Saatchi, Italia Brand Group), followed by finance in TradingLab (UniCredit group) as Head of Communications and Customer Service, then retail banking in UniCredit Banca and Banca di Roma as Director of Communications and e-Banking Services. He returned to investment banking in ABN AMRO and RBS, then in fintech with Epic SIM. Architecture, Fortitudo, molecular cuisine, real estate, Juventus, hospitality and family are his passion in a strictly inverted order.

Chief Financial Officer

Giuseppe Venezia

Giuseppe spent most of his professional life offering financial advisory services to Italian SMEs. In recent years – through his company GVA (acronym for Good Ventures Advisory) – has been focusing his efforts on innovation, helping start-ups as well as SMEs in their fund raising activities. Born in Irpinia, Giuseppe spends his free time playing beach volleyball and enjoying good food.

Chief HR Officer

Massimo Lupi

Degree in Occupational and Organizational Psychology, specialization in constructivist cognitive psychotherapy, adjunct professor of organizational behaviour and HR at MIP Politecnico di Milano, contract professor of learning and development at the master’s degree course in Human Resources of the University of the Studies of Milan. More than twenty years of experience in the HR and Organization field, initially gained in Prada and subsequently in Direct Line, Beiersdorf up to reach international roles in Sony Europe (Berlin) and Microsoft Corporation (Redmond – Seattle). Great passion for everything that travels on two wheels with an engine that develops the “right sound”.

Area Manager: AI for Marketing and Sales

Paolo Dello Vicario

After 9 years of experience as SEO and Digital Marketing consultant, he founded the martech company ByTek (now part of Datrix group), while as engineer he calculated bending moments and turbine blades. Today he is also teaching coordinator of the Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business & Security at the University of Tuscia and scientific coordinator of Growth Hacking Master at Talent Garden Innovation School. A climbing and trail running junkie, he dreams about big mountains and has a great love for Monte Velino.

Area Manager: AI for FinTech

Massimo Broggi

In his more than 20 years work pedigree Massimo has held numerous managerial positions in leading international software and service companies with a strong focus on the financial market. From 2008 to 2021 he successfully led the growth of GoldenSource first in Italy and then in EMEA. Before that, he held the position of Responsible for Finance Clients in Microstrategy Italy. Outside work he splits his time between the family and his great passion for mountain biking where he has taken part to several competitions with good results.

Area Manager: AI for Data Monetization

Luca Filigheddu

After his studies in Electronic Engineering, Luca spent 20 years working as a CTO and CEO for various technology companies, in Italy, California and the rest of the world. He was the keynote speaker at over 100 events in different countries and, before Paperlit, where he arrived in 2015, he spent a few years in BlackBerry managing the relationship with developers at a global level. In private life he is married with two children (almost taller than him). Despite being a super Cagliari fan, playing soccer is not for him, but if necessary he uses his 2 * Taekwondo dan for customers who don’t pay on time. Forewarned is forearmed…

Chief Innovation & Data Officer

Filippo Trocca

After working client-side in Staples in Italy, France, Netherlands and United States, in 2014 he returned to Italy to work in advisory as iProspect’s head of specialists team inside the Dentsu Aegis Network. Since 2016 at 3rdPlace. Passionate about the artisan ice cream, he is able to taste it even at -15 degrees. He says that in order to burn that big amount of ice-cream calories, he often goes running and boasts about his past as 400m runner in his youth days.

Tech Sales Director

Cristiano Cirillo

Contributed to the success of Google Italia start-up by dedicating himself to business in the Fashion, Local and Retail sectors. In 2011 he was appointed Head of independent agencies in Italy and team leader. Illuminated by the beauty of the contemporary art and passionate about cars from birth, Cristiano loves to spend his spare time with family and long-term friends.

Head Of Direct Sales

Charlotte Laurent

After 3 years of intensive work in the financial markets, between Paris and New York, Charlotte has been conquered by Italy and the digital world. In 6 years, she has covered several roles in Criteo, from Account Strategist to Senior Sales. Passionate about Do It Yourself, she easily switches from knitting to drilling. She is also a sport lover: kite, golf and the underwater world. Last but not least, she is a super mom of two girls.

Chief Technology Officer

Matteo Bregonzio

In 2011 he received from Queen Mary University of London a Ph.D. in computer science with specialisation in machine learning and data mining. In the same year he started working as financial derivatives analyst at IHS Markit (London). In 2015, after a short experience within Barclays Capital as senior analyst, moved to BNP Paribas (London) where he worked in OTC trading researching machine learning and Big Data solutions. Punk-rock music lover, plays electric bass, and dreams to relocate in a tropical island. Always available for a football game, he keeps fit by running during lunch breaks.

There are more than 100 Datrix and tech companies employees. As a demonstration of our commitment to gender equality in the workplace, 50% are women and the remaining 50% are men. They come from 7 different countries around the world and we are proud that there are also “Italian brains” returned from abroad to work with us. Our corporate social responsibility is evident in the numerous initiatives organized each year in our offices and in the territories of our tech companies for employees, students, new graduates and for non-profit organizations.


We have always worked with big companies but we also love medium enterprises that want to choose a data-driven transformation and growth (thanks to the cloud and our solutions there are both technological and economical conditions to do it). We went from 20 active customers in 2010 to 300 in 2020.

Datrix Manifesto
Here is our Manifesto with behaviors and internal rules that we would like to present externally as
well, assuming the commitment to respect them daily in the service of our customers.

We will help you to apply a data-driven approach to your business.